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Information about the Korg TR61

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Listen to the Korg TR61 through these:

Roland KC350 (pair)

Roland KC1000 310W, 7-speaker keyboard combo amp/speaker

Peavey KB-5

Yamaha StagePas 300

Yamaha StagePas 500


Recording tools for your Korg TR61

Yamaha AW1600 hard disk-based multitrack recorder

Korg D888 hard disk-based recording studio


Korg TR61 Description

With "Hyper Integrated synthesis" from the Triton and dual polyphonic arpeggiators, the 62 voice polyphonic TR61, TR76 & TR88 are Korg's latest workstations packaged and priced to be more accessible to semi-pros and enthusiasts. There's also a velocity & aftertouch sensing keyboard (weighted on the TR88), USB MIDI, SD card storage onboard, 16 track sequencer, stereo effects and optional plug-in sampler board, which also adds a SCSI connection.

Effectively now replaced by the Korg M50.

One gripe though, for such a new keyboard with a USB connection, why don't Korg offer a PC based editor?

Size: 1,045 (W) x 302 (D) x 95 (H) mm; 7.8kg

Full specification of Korg TR61

Marketing blurb for Korg TR61

Korg TR61 review

See TR88 Sound on Sound Dec. 2006 (£0.99)

Korg TR61 resources

Korg TR61 easystart guide

Korg TR61 operation guide

Korg TR61 parameter guide

Korg TR61 voice name list

Alternatives to the Korg TR61

Korg TR76, Korg X50

Roland Juno-G, Roland Fantom X-6

Alesis Fusion 6HD

Yamaha MM6 , Yamaha MO6 & Yamaha XS6

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