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Yamaha MM6

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Listen to the Yamaha MO6 through these:

Yamaha StagePas 300, Yamaha StagePas 500

Roland KC350 (pair)

Peavey KB-5

Recording tools for your Yamaha MO6

Boss MicroBR

Yamaha AW1600 hard disk-based multitrack recorder

Korg D888 hard disk-based recording studio

Alesis MultiMix 8USB mixer/audio interface


Yamaha MM6 Description

Replacing the S03, and based on the more capable and expensive MOTIF workstations, Yamaha's 2007 low-end synth/workstation the MM6 (or mini MO) launched at Jan 07 NAMM along with the new XS synths, is just 32-note polyphonic, has real-time controls, powerful arpeggiator, 8 track sequencer, 70MB of many of the MOTIFs sounds and a comprehensive, up-to-date effects capability.

The Yamaha mini MO also has Yamaha's now familiar twin USB connections, 1 to the PC for DAW control, the other for CD/HD/memory stick, as well as the usual stack of midi & controller connections.

Very light & portable, bundled with Cubase LE, and at a street price of less than US$650/ UK£400, the mini mo is an incredible value workstation.

948.5(W) x 374.2(D) x 122.8(H) mm, 5.0kg

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