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Yamaha S90ES

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Decent quality monitors for the Yamaha S90ES:

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Roland DS-7 active monitors, Mission SM6A, Tannoy Precision 8D

Mackie HR824 Active Studio Monitor

Yamaha mLAN products

mLAN Music Production Studio

mLAN Audio/MIDI Interface with High End Mic Preamps


Yamaha S90ES Description

Yamaha's flagship S-series synth cobmines the S90 synthesizer but with many more sampled sounds plus a high quality 'balanced hammer' keyboard for pianists, 128-note polyphony, and Yamaha's mLAN connection.

A tool for pros both in the studio and onstage, the S90ES is also very expandable, accepting a variety plug-in boards better coverage of specialist soundsets including vintage analogue, piano, percussions, Yamaha DX7 and virtual acoustic. There's also a vocoder board.

Size: 1,472 (W) x 385 (D) x 163 (H) mm; weight: 22.5kg

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